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The No 1 sifted maize flour, sifted from selected maize from the plains of the Riftvalley to get you the best taste on your flour

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Maize is one of the staple foods we have, Hence giving you a chance to try the sifted maize flour together with your family

Our Service

We deliver to you the No 1 sifted maize within Nairobi and it environs.

Together Maize flour Benefits

The nutrients in the sifted flour that will shift you from trying it out to taking it in.

  • Vitamain A

    For good vision, healthy skin, hair and immune system

  • Niacin

    Important for function of the heart and muscles

  • Folate

    Assist in the body in building cells and healthy blood. Also important for healthy babies and a healthy heart

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In The flour

Together maize meal flour is milled from dried whole corn kernels. It contains the hull, germ, and endosperm of the corn and is a whole grain flour.

baking, frying, or grilling—unlocks its earthy, sweet flavor.

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Children Have a Spot

With the rich nutrients in Together Maize meal Kids will have a chance to enjoy the meal

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The other meal apart from the main


Together maize meal is great for breading and in combination with other flours to bake. We sift our Maize meal from whole white corn kernels with all the natural nutrients intact the germ, the bran and the endosperm.


Since the maize flour is whole grain and high in fiber, it digests slowly, making you feel fuller for longer and energy supply in your body. Add our Whole Grain Corn Flour to your favorite bakes pancake, bread or biscuit recipe for an added flavor and nutrition benefits.

  • Together receipe Avatar

    "Ugali Nuggets"

    50min Preparation

  • Together receipe Avatar


    50min Preparation

  • Together receipe Avatar

    "Ugali with milk"

    50min Preparation


We are Located off Thika Super Highway, On the Eastern bypass, HERE

Contact us or whatsapp us: +254 706 240 983 | +254 780 500 932

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